Photographs: Duplicate Bridge Players at Tournaments

Competitive duplicate Bridge is a game of intense concentration.  In many pair games, over a 200 minute session players only spend 15 minutes with each pair of opponents.   An unfortunate consequence is that all too often Bridge players do not have an opportunity to meet and get to know their opponents at the table.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone out there who attends a lot of tournaments took pictures of many of the players?  Wouldn’t it be great if those pictures were posted on the Internet?  Wouldn’t it be awesome if those pictures included the names of the players so we could get address them by name in the future?

Well folks, we have an angel out there among us!  ACBL Director Jonathan Steinberg has been uploading dozens of Bridge player photos at tourneys he attends.  The pictures are nicely organized by tournament, complete with thumbnail pix along with the names of the Bridge players (easier said than done).   Check out Jonathan’s photo gallery to see some familiar faces and enjoy putting some names to Bridge players that you’d like to know on a first name basis

Here’s a link to Jonathan’s photo gallery of duplicate Bridge tournament players

Looking at his personal website, here you can see a picture of the man behind the camera

Well done, Jonathan!

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