Intermediate & Advanced #7: The Street Smart Bridge Player


How aware are you of what’s really going on at the Bridge table? Do you consider yourself “street smart?” There is a saying that goes, “There are three types of people – those that are the movers and shakers that make things happen, those that are close to the action that help things happen and learn as they go, and finally those that are entirely clueless about what happened at all !” How about you? Hopefully history teaches us lessons at the table and in life. This issue will begin exploring the attributes of the street smart Bridge player.

The results from the Chicago Summer 2006 NABC tourney are in, and BridgeHands has posted the tourney results, bulletins, and appeals. As always, most of the appeals deal with hesitations, changes in tempo, and unauthorized information. The remaining Laws rulings often provide interesting insights into the minds of the director and the appeals committee. How close is close when it comes to a played card from declarer’s hand? How about when it’s a change of call in the dummy from “ruff” to “overruff?” And what about when a Grand Life Master faces her 6 remaining cards, begins to describe the claim, retracts the faced cards and wants to continue play? Sometimes the interpretation of the Laws can work in strange and wondrous ways!

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