Advanced Lesson 10 – 2/1 (Two Over One) Bridge Bidding System

Due to popular demand for our aspiring duplicate and serious Bridge players, we will be covering the 2/1 Bridge system in some detail!  While the Standard American bidding system has gained a strong following for social players over the years, many competitive bidders looking to make for games and slams have turned their attention to the 2/1 system.  And why not, after opener has begun 1 Heart or 1 Spade and responder has made a 2 level response in a lower ranking suit (both unpassed hands without interference), in essence the responder is promising game-going values, typically 12+ points.  Now the partnership can carefully provide a further description of their hand without fear of partner passing out the auction before reaching game – cool!

Of course, 2/1 players need another mechanism for both weak hands worthy of a single bid as well as invitation bids with slightly less than game-going values.  Here’s where the forcing 1 Notrump response comes into play.  The forcing 1 Notrump response is very versatile, offering responder a wide range of options to describe many types of hands including a weaker hand with a 6 or good 5 card suit and weak values.  In this video series we will discuss the background and benefits of the 2/1 system, the difference between forcing and non-forcing bids and offer commentary on 30+ bidding scenarios over the next 5 lesson segments.  So as always, we have a plethora of  Bridge hands here at BridgeHands.

Of course, our online archive with hundreds of hours of Bridge videos are always available here:
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All audiences – Part 1a with theory, click here to learn the basics – 23 minutes

All audiences – Part 1b with theory, click here to learn the basics – 26 minutes

Premium and ULTRA Members – Part 2, click here to compare 2/1 and Standard American – 26 minute video

Premium and ULTRA Members – Part 3, click here to differentiate forcing and non-forcing bids – 20 minute video

Premium and ULTRA Members – Part 4, click here to bid 11 Forcing 1 Notrump auctions – 20 minute video

Premium and ULTRA Members – Part 5, click here to bid 11 more Forcing 1 Notrump auctions – 19 minute video

Premium and ULTRA Members – download PowerPoint slides for Part 1-5

We hope you enjoy the show!

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    Thanks Michael for that great introduction.
    Looking forward to the next episode.

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