Advanced Lesson 8 – Balancing Seat bids in 2 of a Lower Ranking Suit

In our prior Advanced lesson, we looked at the mysteries of jump bids in the passout/balancing seat, with this episode devoted solely to the scenario when we make a 2 level call in a lower ranking suit.  Really, you may wonder – an entire lesson focusing solely on such a seemingly innocent call?

Well, as it turns out when we overcall at the 2 level in a lower ranking suit than our Left Hand Opponent, it turns out this is not your “garden variety” bid and deserves extra attention to the intricacies of what happens next.  After all, just like in life when we make an action (or inaction), the wise person always has a “Plan B” fallback position up their sleeve just in case things in life don’t always follow our plans!

After covering a few ground rules, we will evaluate a handful of Bridge hands here at BridgeHands before heading to the table.  And once we take our seat (or kibitz if you prefer), it’s time to sharpen your pencil, your sharp eyes and prepare for the test conquering the bidding and play of 11 hands.  And as always, there’s lots of twists and turns during the play of the hand for both the declarer and the defenders.

Of course, our online archive with hundreds of hours of Bridge videos are always available here:
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All audiences – Part 1 with theory, click here to evaluate 4 hands and play 1 hand – 20 minutes

Premium and ULTRA Members – Part 2, click here to play 6 hands – 23 minute video

Premium and ULTRA Members – Part 3, click here to play 6 hand segments – 17 minute video

We hope you enjoy the show!

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