Advanced Lesson 7 – Balancing Seat JUMP Bids in the Passout Seat

As in our current Social Lesson 7, it’s also time for our Advanced players to step up the bidding in the balancing seat with extra values.   In this video lesson, sitting in the passout/balancing seat as responder we may have some opportunities to make a jump bid.   What would be the meaning here?  Better yet, would partner know what it means??? (or you, when partner does so)

Here are the three scenarios we will cover:

1. (1D) – P – (P) – 2S!
2. (1D) – P – (P) – 3D!
3. (1D) – P – (P) – 3N

Of course the fun has only begun during the bidding phase.  When we head for the table both the defenders and the declarer will need to have a few tricks up their proverbial sleeve to get their best result.  Hint – think transportation, not just for you but what’s going on with your opponents.  This episode runs 31 minutes.

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We hope you enjoy the show!

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  1. mdiane says:

    Help! I signed up for an Ultra Membership last August. Find that with many of the lessons there are techniques, or terms that reference back to earlier lessons. How can one access the earlier lessons and then work through the teaching in sequence. The lessons are not very helpful without the ability to be on the same page when going through the lesson.

    • BridgeHands says:

      Hello Diane,
      Sorry to hear that some lessons are bringing up techniques or terms that are difficult to follow. In both our main website ( as well as our blog here ( at the top of each page we have a Search box which you can quickly and easily type a term, such as “losing trick count” etc.
      Generally, when producing a video we try not to include jargon or concepts that require the viewer to “catch up” on a lot of earlier concepts. If you have a specific area or items where we can make improvements, please let us know and we will be happy to work with you offline and consider making improvements in our lessons and/or including specific references to prior lessons. And by all means, feel free to skim our “Index to Video” episode titles and topics to get a sense of the major areas on our prior lessons:
      Warm Regards,

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