Advanced Lesson 6 – Balancing Seat Overcall and Double Bids

In our last episode, we explored situations where we should overcall 1 Notrump in the fourth seat – either that or double.  This time  on half of our example hands we have a 5 card major suit so our primary task is to determine whether we should simply overcal, or make an initial  double and then bid our semi self-sustaining suit (“type 2” double).  And as with all calls in the passout seat, we must remember to value “borrowing a King” from partner when considering our options.  So after adding a virtual 3 High Card Points to our hand, it’s time to make our best call.

Of course, the bidding doesn’t stop there!  Now it’s up to our passed hand partner to respond, considering our bid was predicated on the “borrowed King.”   In today’s session we will be shooting to bid game and beyond, so be careful and on your toes to make every available trick.   And when you and partner have most all of the High Card Points other than the opening opponent, carefully count out the points in their hands.  In a few of the hands, as declarer you will be able to determine whether or not to finesse a key honor from a marked opponent – especially critical when you are stretching to make a slam contract!   This episode runs 30 minutes.

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