Intermediate & Advanced #5: Do you feel a psychic connection?


This month we will take a look at the dark side of the force – enter the psych. Regardless of our feelings about these nasty critters, they’ve been around a long time and with charismatic pranksters like Zia to perpetrate some rather “creative bidding”, it’s clear the psych is alive (if not always well) even at the top levels of Bridge play.

While fit showing jumps come in many flavors, the vanilla flavored “FSJ” after a passed hand is popular with many advanced partner. If you haven’t tried it yet, perhaps now is a good time to give it a taste test.

You’re in the passout seat in an uncontested auction where the opponents have bid game or slam, perhaps with an alert or another systemic call. Is it within your right to inquire about a specific bid before making the final pass? Let’s argue the merits of Law 20F versus Law 16A and see who wins. . .

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