Polling You # 79, Extra #1 Strong Jump Shifts, Suit Quality, Losing Trick Count, Cover Cards

Polling You # 79, Extra #1 Strong Jump Shifts, Suit Quality, Losing Trick Count, Cover Cards

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Greetings Bridge Friends,

With our last five Polling You episodes running close to 3 hours of video each with over a dozen hands, BridgeHands will begin a trial, offering interim “Extra” lessons on a regular basis between our pithy, full length episodes.

Polling You #79 Extra 1a

♠ A 5 4
Q 9 7 2
♣ K 7 6 3
♠ —

♣ —
♠ —

♣ —
♠ K Q 10 9 8 6
A 4
Q 10
♣ A Q 2

After North opens 1 Club, as you will recall from our lesson on Suit Quality and Losing Trick Count, South should consider making a Strong Jump Shift.  In this extra episode we will explore the follow-up bidding, defense and learn how to boost your odds when faced with a challenging contract.   After play, we will re-arrange the East-West hands to ensure you are following the best line of declarer play with bad splits.

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Thank you for tuning in to our first extra interim Polling You lesson.   BridgeHands appreciates your interest and support.

Happy Bridge Trails,



  1. guess says:

    For some unknown reason, I have missed Many ,many notices from you. Is there a place on the site where I can go back to receive information conerning certain helps that I have need of? Example: in rubber bridge, a response to a 2 bid (strong) from your partner when you only have 5 to 6 points in your hand….????
    Thanks! Betty Guess

    • BridgeHands says:
      Hello Betty,
      Sorry you haven’t been seeing some of our EMAILs from us – perhaps your “spam filter” is the culprit. You can always drop by our site and double check our “Polling You Index” to review a summary of past episodes. Here’s the link:
      When partner opens a strong 2 Clubs, with 5-6 points it’s best to make an artificial 2 Diamond “waiting” call. This allows you to learn more about your partner’s hand – shape and strength. For instance, if you held an outside Ace, a singleton and Queen-third or longer in your partner’s major suit you would be excited to explore slam. Otherwise, with so-so spread values and 3 card support in the major you would rebid 4S/H, and lacking a combined 8 card major suit you’ll be heading for 3 Notrump (hopefully partner will first bid Notrump). By the way, if you’re partner is an astute Rubber Bridge player and the auction begins like this:
      2C – 2D;
      2N – ?
      … then at this point “systems are on,” meaning your 3C bid is Stayman showing a 4 card major and if you bid 3 Diamonds or 3 Hearts that would be Jacoby Transfer bids transferring partner to the next higher ranking suit. After all, when your partner holds a huge hand you want pard to play it rather than have the opponents see all those gorgeous honors!
      Warm Regards, Michael
  2. Sunny Berson says:

    Keep up those wonderful lessons, I look forward to them….Thank You.

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