Intermediate & Advanced #4: Reverse Bidding, Part II – Responder Rebids


Continuing the saga of reverse bidding, this month we will turn our attention to the meaty topic of responder’s rebids. Responder’s hands can be subdivided into one of five hand patterns, two supporting opener’s first or second bid suits, two based on one or two-suited hands, the last expressing a balanced hand. Regarding strength, responder’s hand falls in one of three types: minimum, game signoff, slam interest. Using this framework, we will develop appropriate responses to opener’s reverses including the addition of the Lebensohl conventional rebid.

Unauthorized Information, specifically hesitations and a break in tempo lead to frequent appeals at ACBL national tourneys and the Fall 2005 Denver NABC was no exception. Yet this month we will focus on a different issue – misinformation, an issue that also pops up with some regularity in Duplicate Bridge.

Are you looking for an extra edge to literally see through your opponents’ cards? Then our April issue has just the device for you! Step up and be the first at your table to sport your very own xray vision glasses at the table! Better yet, using this approach you do not have to read any Bridge book (Right Through The Pack). Okay, we were just pulling your leg – April Fools! We hope you enjoyed our well-meaning prank.

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