Newcomer & Novice #4: Trump Power – Ruff, sluff, cross-ruff, and ruff it out


Welcome to our “April Fools” issue of Bridgehands – we hope you are ready to add some more tricks (literally and figuratively) during the play of the hand. Following last month’s ruffling theme, this month we will put ruffing play into action, adding several tactics to our ruffing arsenal. Our lesson will focus on two of declarer’s favorite ploys, ruffing and sluffing; next month we will follow- up with cross-ruffing and ruffing out a side-suit.

We are proud to announce our affiliation with Marty Bergen. Marty’s work is legend – a world-class Bridge player and theorist, renowned teacher, Cruise Teacher, and prolific Author/Publisher! Bridge players are blessed by the thousands of nuggets he shares in book after book. At BridgeHands, we invite you to sample two of Marty’s leading books: Points Schmoints and Marty Sez. Please call Marty directly at 800 386-7432 or send EMAIL to him at to place your order. Mention Coupon Code BHB1 when you order any hardbound book and you will receive two free softbound books!

With all the “Rules of” (15, 20, Anticipation) discussed in prior issues, can there be more? For sure, yes! This month let’s go to the head of the list and examine the Rule of 1, a useful tactic during play.

As dummy, are you allowed to help the declarer in any way? If you said “no”, then you should brush up on Bridge Laws 42 and 43 and learn more about the three dummy rights and limitations. For instance, did you know that if you look at the declarer’s hand during play, you’ve lost the three rights? Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness may be “unalienable rights” in the United States Declaration of Independence, but in our fair game of Bridge be careful or you can lose your “qualified” rights!

Are you looking for an extra edge to literally see through your opponents’ cards? Then our April issue has just the device for you! Step up and be the first at your table to sport your very own xray vision glasses at the table! Better yet, using this approach you do not have to read any Bridge book (Right Through The Pack). Okay, we were just pulling your leg – April Fools! We hope you enjoyed our well-meaning prank.

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