Intermediate & Advanced #3: Reverse Bidding – breaking the barrier


In prior issues, we explored forcing bids and the forcing pass. This month we will revisit a sometimes misused old friend of ours, the reverse bid – known as the “barrier” bid in some circles. Most players are comfortable with the criteria for the opener’s basic reverse, but rebid agreements are occasionally glossed over without solid partnership agreements or how to deal with out-of-the-ordinary situations. Even basic system agreements affect what is and is not a reverse. Is it right to reverse with a minimum opening hand and 5=6=1=1 shape? Would you ever reverse with a 3=2=3=5, 1=4=4=4, 3=4=4=2, or 3=4=2=4 shape? Hopefully you’ll be ready for these challenging hands before you pick one up at the table.

Also in this issue, we will kibitz a tough opening lead at the Bermuda Bowl. And if you’ve ever been suspicious of computer dealt hands in ACBL tournaments, we will take a look at what goes on “behind the curtain”.

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