Intermediate & Advanced #2: Notrump Double-talk


When opponents begin and end the auction in Notrump and partner doubles, what are your partnership agreements? Do you lead a long or short major, certain minor, shortest suit, Spade, or something else? Does it matter if opponents made suit bids en-route to their game or higher contract? Read on – we’ll take a look at agreements and a few situations where the top-dogs have shown their mortality like the rest of us.

On the topic of lead directing doubles, what better time could we find to review agreements when Right Hand Opponent cuebids our suit? Be careful before smartly placing your double card on the table.

Turning to the Laws, the ACBL has recently clarified its position when declarer begins to play a card from hand (L45C2). If you are a tourney player, check out this article.

Just for fun – the “knee jerk” Amnesia Double is one convention you do not want in your bidding arsenal! Also, “Holy Smoke, Batman – are we playing with a Pinochle deck?”

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