Intermediate & Advanced #1: Forcing Pass, or Thy Opponents Shall Not Steal


Last month we featured forcing bids and promised to delve into the Forcing Pass. If you haven’t discussed various scenarios or guidelines with your partner, hopefully this article will enlighten you.

Next, we will check out the Grosvenor Gambit, an unusual play that seemingly forfeits a trick, but… sometimes even an expert pulls one off!

The Michaels Cuebid is not a big deal, but even the professionals can get confused when the opener “could be short”. We’ll look at both the bid and what happens when when the Director is called to handle mis-information.

This month’s hand comes from the Denver NABC Barometer game where Jim Krekorian both jumped into 3 Notrump (Bob Hamman style), then managed a nice double squeeze.

Lastly, we’ll take a look at Multiple Compression – every bit as painful as it sounds!

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