Polling You #59: Contract Bridge Partial Elimination #6, April 5, 2011

Partial Elimination Play – Contract Bridge

Okay, we have one remaining endplay tactic in our bag of tricks, the partial elimination play.  No, this does not mean that on occasion we get to give up before completing play.  Instead, on occasion we find that double suit elimination is not possible.

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Can we use the same tactics for partial elimination as we do for traditional forms of endplays?  In this lesson, we will learn more tactics on how to make a challenging contract with a bit of pre-planning mixed with a bit of good fortune.

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  1. 7276dave says:

    Great website Michael
    I’m hooked

    • BridgeHands says:
      Welcome Dave,
      Thank you for your thoughtful feedback. It’s always nice to have our northern neighbors from Alberta join us. Others should be forewarned to watch out for Bridge players that live where the weather is cold – they play far more Bridge than the rest of us and are a force to be reconned with at the Bridge table!
      Warm Regards,
  2. colleens says:

    And all the way from South Africa… I have to agree that this is a great website and I an thoroughly enjoying the video, polls and feedback!!!

    • BridgeHands says:
      Greetings Colleens,
      Last year I had the opportunity to visit your lovely country while teaching Bridge aboard a cruise ship. In fact, in some ways Johanesburn reminded me of my nearby city, San Francisco. I only wish I had more time to spend with your people, if not play a game of Bridge ashore!
      Warm Regards, Michael
  3. BridgeHands says:
    Hello Bridge Pollsters,
    Okay, the results are in responding to our question:
    “Which of the following is NOT true about the partial elimination endplay?”
    65 percent – Repeated finesses are the key tactic
    14 percent – Only one side suit can be stripped
    9 percent – Timing of card play is important
    8 percent – The throw-in play is used
    3 percent – Trump ruffs are usually limited
    Yes, while repeated finesses are great, they are not inherently part of our partial elimination endplay.
    While the other attributes may by used to facilitate partial elimination endplays, depending on your perspective and situation some of these tactics may or may not be your favorite.
    Warm Regards,

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