Newcomer & Novice Newsletter #16: Transportation, Unblocking, Hold-ups

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On our upcoming series of Newcomer-Novice newsletter articles, we will explore the exciting world of transportation – at least at the Bridge table.  Being blocked, stranded, stymied, stuck, snookered, obstructed or whatever you choose to call it, the result can be a bewildering moment.

The same can be true for our poor declarer, wanting to play a card from the other hand, typically the dummy yet lacking an entry card to long lonely suit.

Come to think about it, leading from the top of a sequence serves the same purpose, promoting a long suit. Enter the world of Bridge transportation – having the ability to play up to a winner in your partner’s hand.  Of course, there’s always more to an iceberg than meets the eye so expect some twists and turns for the defenders, too.

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