Polling You #57 – Partnership Agreements – Part 2

Polling You #57 – Partnership Agreements: Bidding Style

Good Bridge is all about partnership agreements.  Partnership agreements are built on bidding style.  And how about your Bridge – do you and your partner score “style points?”

On this survey, we give you the opportunity to ponder your opening bid and overcall style in 12 common situations.   Within each question area, you may select from 1 to 6 of the selections associated with each bidding topic.  Here’s a chance to analyze various bidding criteria that makes up your Bridge bidding DNA.  Better yet, you can compare your responses to your current and prospective Bridge partners.

Best yet, you can compare your bidding style to hundreds of other respondents that have previously completed the survey! Be sure to correlate and contrast your results with the rest of the pack, noting similarities and differences with your peers.

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  1. Christel says:

    I am really surprised at the low percentage for opening 2H or 2S in fourth requiring full (or better) opener.
    Isn’t that bid part of sayc?

    • BridgeHands says:
      Hi Christel,
      Yes, many tournament players would agree that opening in the fourth seat with 2 Hearts or 2 Spades shows a good hand and suit. Ron Andersen’s “Preeempts from A to Z” suggests this bid shows a good trump suit and 2 defensive tricks (primary honors in outside suits), more or less a 7 Losing Trick Count hand assuming modest trump support from partner.
      Unfortunately, while this type of treatment may be common with a large subset of aspiring Duplicate Bridge players, it’s not part of a system such as Standard American Yellow Card, Standard American, etc. In fact, regarding SAYC many would be surprised regarding the treatment of these bids:
      (1C) – 1N – (P) – 2D;……..2D is to play, not a transfer in SAYC
      1D – 2N;…………………….2N is “classic” game forcing in SAYC
      If you are interested, we have reformatted the SAYC system notes here:
      Warm Regards, Michael

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