2010 World Bridge Series Championship Finals – Open Pairs

Here’s another interesting hand, fresh from the pros at the World Bridge Series open pairs event.  Our defending champions, Fu Zhong and Jack Jie Zhao, demonstrated that China has skills far beyond their manufacturing skills.  In pairs games, every extra trick can make a huge difference in the scoring.  So when partnership’s do not have an 8 card major fit, pairs regularly stretch to enjoy the trick score benefits of playing in a notrump contract.   Accordingly, on this hand Jack, playing North’s hand, thoughtfully rebid 1 Notrump rather than 2 Hearts with his 5=4=2=2 shape.  Do you see why he chose this approach?

Dealer : South
1D – 1S;
1N – All pass

_A 9 6 3 2
_10 7 5 3
_Q 2
_K 2

_Q 5 4
_Q J 8
_A 9
_Q 10 8 7 3

_Lead: C7

_K 10 7
_K 9 6 2
_8 6 4 3
_6 4

_J 8
_A 4
_K J 10 7 5
_A J 9 5

Take a second look at North’s honors – with non-working honors that are spread in every suit, rebidding 1 Notrump seems reasonable (although on the downside the partnership might miss a 5-3 Spade fit).  At this point it’s easy sailing for Fu, ultimately winning 3 Clubs, 4 Diamonds 1 Spade and 1 Heart for 150 points.  So while many other players holding the pair’s 5=4=2=2 and 2=2=5=4 shape tended to rebid their shape, Fu and Jack scored high marks for analyzing their spread honors.

You can see this and another of their interesting hands here as well as a link to the bulletins of the entire 16 day session here.

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