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Problem – Most traditional Bridge instruction is based on static text and diagrams or well intended but incomplete dialog.

Solution – Our BridgeHands multimedia videos are designed to provide everyday and advancing Bridge players fun, easy to understand commentary that is enlightening, entertaining, as well as educational.  Imagine how quickly you will learn Bridge when choosing your topic of interest among hundreds of hours of video footage.  Yes, you can view high resolution HD videos immediately upon signing up.  And of course you can use the video playhead to “Scrub” the videos forward and backward, providing you complete control to enhance your learning experience.  Gone are the days missing an important point or having to wade through uninteresting explanations. 

And best yet, during the play of the hand you will be watching an animated screen sequence with all 52 cards clearly visible!  Our members find its both easier to learn, understand and retain new concepts when the student has the luxury to view EVERYONE’S cards, not just their own hand and wonder what happened after the dust clears.

As of 2021, BridgeHands now offers an improved user interface to view our video at:

Monthly Membership subscription prices are:
Aces: 300+ video hours
Kings & Queens: 200+ hours
Jacks: 100+ hours
Newcomers: 26 Introductory videos
We also offer livestream videos for our members.

Our recorded videos are now organized by:
– Polling You (187 videos)
– Play (174 videos)
– Bidding (149 videos)
– Hand Evaluation (98 videos)
– Social (87 videos)
– Advanced (56 videos)
– Newcomers (28)
– And another 84 categories that cross-reference popular concepts such as:
Slam (64), Finesse (54), Promotion (49), Defense (49), Controls (45),
Ruff/Trump (43), Losing Trick Count (36),  Competition (34),
Notrump (32), Suit Quality (31), Opening Lead (26), Cover Card (26),
Cuebid (24),  Blackwood (24), Counting (23), Strong Jump Shift (20), etc.

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To signup for our FREE, Premium, ULTRA or Teacher subscription membership:
(or click on the “Click Here To Sign Up Now!” link on the right side on any of our Bridge Blog pages).

Beginning in November 2010, in our Bridge blog we began producing our “Polling You” lessons with online videos beginning in mid-December 2010.  As of January, 2013, we have added the “Social” and “Advanced” video series:
1. Polling You – detailed 1-2 hour video lessons with numerous hands, comprehensive discussions, typically including downloadable materials.  We strive to ensure each of our lessons offer useful instruction for Bridge players of all levels.
2. Social – For our emerging novice-to-intermediate Bridge players, we offer comprehensive multi-segmented video lessons, complete with animated card play and comprehensive narration of what’s going on inside the mind of each player.
3. Advanced – For our higher-level and Duplicate Bridge players, we offer comprehensive multi-segmented minute video lessons, complete with animated card play and comprehensive narration of what’s going on inside the mind of each player.
Please be advised BridgeHands terms and conditions does not allow sharing your individual ID/Password – everyone must maintain their own account (our server software registers and archives all logins to an individual’s unique Internet IP address).  Thank you for valuing our intellectual property and helping us maintain our affordable pricing structure.
Depending on the level of your membership, you will be able to download some or all of our downloadable files.   Our downloadable files are covered by Creative Commons – Attribution, No Derivatives, Non-Commercial.  This allows you to freely use and share our files with your partners, friends and students.   However, you are required to give BridgeHands credit for our material and are not permitted to modify our content when sharing with others.
Where so marked, our BridgeHands video and audio content  is copyrighted and NOT covered by Creative Commons licensing.   You are not permitted to download and share our copyrighted video and audio content.  Please contact us at for special licensing agreements of our copyrighted video and audio content.
Premium ($14.95 for 3 months)
This program is available at an introductory price of $14.95 for a three month subscription.  Provides access to Social, Advanced, Polling You and other upcoming PREMIUM essential Bridge bidding and play videos, textual content, download files, and web links. For high-definition video quality and access to additional content, we invite you to purchase our ULTRA package (rather than this offering)
Ultra ($49.95 for one year)
Provides access to Social, Advanced, Polling You and other upcoming video programs.  The ULTRA subscripton is available at an introductory price of $49.95 for one year. Access to BridgeHands ULTRA package includes our most comprehensive Bridge bidding and play offerings. In addition to having access to everything in our Premium package, the ULTRA package includes additional content and insights, access to HIGH DEFINITION videos, MP3 audios, textual content, download files, and web links
Finally, for Bridge Teachers we have a special program including significant discounts for ABTA members.   See our sign-up page for details.

We will keep you posted as soon as our offerings are available.  Please contact us at for Sales, for Customer Support, or if you wish to contact us, please call us at 707-769-4499.  Our fax number is 707-780-3052

Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Also see our About page for more details…


  1. Dave Maitland says:

    Dear Michael,
    Your new video index is a big improvement in making your unique videos lessons more accessible.
    It now makes it a lot easier to refer fellow Bridge players to your site.
    Hopefully you will get a boost in new members to make the effort worth while.
    Thanks and keep up the great work.
    Dave Maitland

    • BridgeHands says:
      Hello Dave,
      Many thanks for your feedback including your prior recommendation to make it easier to locate our video segments within each episode. While we are continuing to make additional navigational changes, you’ll notice that the “Polling You Index” has now been replaced by the term “Index to Videos.” So in addition to including our new Social and Advanced videos, within the Index you’ll find quick links to each video segment. No longer will our BridgeHands members need “drill down” to an episode and then scroll through pages of text. Additionally, within each of our prior Polling You episodes we’ve also included links to videos for general audiences, those with Free, Premium and ULTRA membership. Here’s the link for the new Index of Videos:
      In order to reduce the navigational steps, shortly we will provide a simpler, easy to remember link:
      . or
      Warm Regards,

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