Episode #3: Eddie Kantar Interview – Part 2

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In episode #3, we conclude our delightful interview with Eddie Kantar
Minute: Topic
0-3: Introductions
3: Teaser – Great Bridge Links with Jude Goodwin
4: Eddie’s critique playing online with Yvonne
5: How Pros help clients win
6: Being a good partner
10: Adventures playing with Marshall Miles
15: Coauthoring books
17: Books, large and small
18: Computer-based instructions
21: Evolutions in bidding philosophy
26: Avoiding excessive conventions
29: Fast Eddie at table tennis
31: Money Bridge
32: Online Bridge Play
36: www.KantarBridge.com
38: Everyone loves Yvonne Kantar
40: Closing joke and the world’s best game
42: Dear Dummy – “Kantar 2 Notrump over a minor”
49: Crystal gets her wish
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