Episode #2: Eddie Kantar Interview – Part 1

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Eddie is a professional bridge player, writer, teacher and member of the Bridge Hall of Fame. He won two World Championships and thirteen North American Championship titles. Eddie writes regularly for numerous bridge magazines around the world and is a frequent host on bridge cruises.

Lead-in 0-3

Agenda 2-3

Introducing Eddie Kantar and the Show 3-6

Eddie’s Favorite Conventions 6-8

Disliked Conventions 8-12

The Early Days 12-13

Bridge Opens Doors 13-14

Eddie, The Author 14-16

Slam Bidding 16-19

Eddie’s Website 19-22

Evolution In Teaching 22-29

Eddie and Yvonne Play Online 29-30

BridgeBuzz: EBU Teachers 31-34

It’s Your Turn: Bridge Cruises 34-36

Outtake Revokes 36-40

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