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On our premiere episode, founder Michael Nistler discusses Bridge media in yester year and explains the future of BridgeHands audiocast interviews in the Bridge industry .

We have a few entertaining “virtual” guests to chat about how bridge blogs, podcasts, websites, EMAIL newsletters, and aggregation software (like iTunes) interrelate to one another. Stay tuned for future interviews with Bridge professionals, duplicate directors, organizations, businesses, authors, teachers, players.

BridgeHands Interview
Introduction: Minute 0 – 2
Hal gets whacky: Minute 3
Interview Format and Target Audience: Minute 4
Interview Benefit: Minute 5
Interview Journalistic Type: Minute 6
Interview Benefit to Listener: Minute 7
Multi-media Bridge History: Minute 8
Why no Bridge Media Today: Minute 11
Internet Multi-media Bridge Opportunity: Minute 12
Michael Nistler’s Bridge Background: Minute 13
BridgeHands is Born: Minute 14
BridgeHands Website Layout: Minute 15
BridgeHands eMag EMAIL Newsletter: Minute 17
How BridgeHands help with Education: Minute 19
BridgeHands Blogs: Minute 20
BridgeHands and ”web 2.0″: Minute 21
BridgeHands Blog Categories: Minute 22
What is Podcasting: Minute 24
How iTunes and Aggregators Manage Subscriptions: Minute 25
BridgeBuzz – Baron Barclay acquires ACLB Product Store : Minute 27
DearDummy – How to contact BridgeHands: Minute 29
Outtake Revokes: Minute 31
Music and Galicticast Credits: Minute 32

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