Social Bidding and Play 23 – Confidence at the Bridge Table

Welcome Bridge Friends!

Confidence at the Bridge table – sometimes easier said than done!

First off, let’s reflect on the Dallas Aces 7 Deadly Sins:

•1. Bidding without values
•2. System violations
•3. Unilateral actions
•4. No-win Declarer plays
•5. No-win Defensive plays
•6. Impulsive plays
•7. Mechanics

To this, let’s add #8 which includes:
•Being Street Smart,
•Partnership Vibes,
•Study (including Laws, etc),
•Time on your Side,
•Arbitrage (Vulnerability risk/reward)

Being confident “In Your Wheelhouse” is important, too, including:
ABILITY:  An ability is a repeatable action which you enjoy because you do it well.
DRIVE:  A drive is something within you that motivates action.  Drives are like internal fuel moving you to make a difference in the world.
NEED:  A need is any issue in want of a solution or response (pain mitigation).

In this lesson, we’ll address your Adrenaline & Cortisol, your breathing, positive/negative attitude factors, stress, fatigue, etc.

Confidence, Part 1, All about you/partner/emotions (31 min)

Confidence Part 2, Hands 1-4 (46 min)

Confidence, Part 3, Hand 5-9 (50 min)

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Social Lesson 23 – Part 1
Social Lesson 23 – Part 2
Social Lesson 23 – Part 3

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Advanced Lesson 26, Opening Leads Part 3

Here we go again with more hands for us to discover the best opening lead playing against Notrump contracts. Of course, going beyond viewing our cards to listening carefully to the auction is a start. Then comes the “CIA” – Counting, Inferences and Analysis of what was said, what wasn’t said, considering everyone’s assets (length, strength and honors). Whew, while all this may sound daunting, it’s also fun to play Sherlock Homes so off we go!

Part 1 – Hands 1-2, 30 minutes
Part 2, Hand 3-4, 34 minutes
Part 3, Hands 5-8, 41 minutes

As always, we here at BridgeHands have Bridge hands complete with narration and animated card play for everyone (regardless of who is the declarer and defender). Our emphasis is to get inside the minds of the “Big Why,” the rationale behind everyone’s bid or play, including an analysis on hand evaluation, bidding and animated card play.  

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Advanced Lesson 25 – Part 1

Advanced Lesson 25 – Part 2

Advanced Lesson 25 – Part 3

As always and until our next show, Happy Trails until we meet again!