Polling You #64, Texas Transfer and Slams, Part 4


Jacoby Transfers help ensure the stronger Notrump hand is declarer, regardless of the fact responder has a long major suit.  Then there’s a second use of transfers to a minor suits with similarities to major suit Jacoby transfers with a few new wrinkles.  So what’s the big deal with the Texas Transfer bid – do we really need yet another convention to do something different when partner opens with 1 or 2 Notrumps? 

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Well, like the big State of Texas, the Texas Transfer bid makes a jump to the four level when responder has 6+ cards in a major suit.  It turns out having more than one method to accomplish a task allows refinements in the application of our beloved Jacoby Transfer bid.  And additionally, when responder jumps to the four level, it certainly keeps the opponents from cheaply entering the auction and make a mess of things. 

Review: Jacoby Transfer bids after Opener bids 1 Notrump:

1.   0-7 Distribution Points – Transfer & Pass

2.   8-9 Dist. Points – Transfer & Invite 2N or 3H/S

3.   10-14 Dist. Points – Transfer & 3NT or 4H/S

4.  6+ Card Minor –Transfer/Signoff/Invite or NT

Partnership Agreements Needed:

1N – ? Responder 5-6H/S+ suit and slammish

         –  D/H –> H/S Jacoby, 4N Blackwood

         – 3H/S Natural, Cuebid, 4N Blackwood

          – 4D/H –> 4H/S Transfer, 4N Blackwood


Benefits of Texas Transfer:

– Texas Inhibits Opponent Interference

– Jacoby 4H/S Rebid Becomes Quantitative Slam Try (*Advanced players)

– Texas 4N Responder Rebid (after transfer to 4H/S) becomes Blackwood


1 Notrump Opener:

1 N Opener = 15-17 points, balanced

1N       –   4D/H;    Texas Transfer with 6+H/S
4H/S –   P;              10-14 distribution points

             – 4N;             15+ Blackwood Ace Ask

1N      – 2D/H;         Jacoby Transfer with 5 H/S
2H/S – 3N;               10-14 distribution points


1 Notrump Overcall – Partnership Agreement Needed

1N Overcall = 15-18, stoppers

(1x) – 1N – (P) – 2D/H/S;
( P ) – ?

               2D/H  –>  2H/S “Systems On” or…
               2H/S   –>  To Play “Systems Off”
4D/H  –>   4H/S Texas Transfer

* Note: Many Prefer Systems On, Strong Hand Plays/Not Exposed (but SAYC OFF)


2 Notrump Opener

  • 2N Opener = 20-21 points, balanced
  • 2N – 3D/H Jacoby Transfer with 5H/S
  • 3H/S – ?    0 – 3 points, Pass
  •                        4 pts: Pass/Game (Good/Bad)
  • 2N – 4D/H Texas Transfer with 6+ ©/ª 
  • 4H/S – ?    5-11 distribution points: Pass
    12+ points: 4N Ace Ask


Two Suited Major – Invite Game

  • 5 Hearts and 4 Spades, Invitational
  • 1N – 2D Jacoby Transfer
  • 2H – 2S  Rebidding 2S (at 2 Level)
    Shows 4=5=x=x,
    Game Inviting

1N Opener: Passes, Rebids 2N Signoff,
Rebids 3
H Signoff, Bids Game


Two Suited Major – Signoff

  • 5 Hearts and 4 Spades, To Play
  • 1N – 2C Stayman – so far…
  • 2D – 2H Shows 4=5=x=x, Weak Hand

                 (Crawling Stayman)

1N Opener: Passes or Correct to 2S


Advanced Jacoby – Texas

  • 1N – 4D/H;   Texas Transfer
  • 4H/S – 4N;    Blackwood Ace Ask
  • Introducing Jacoby Quantitative Slam Try
  • A new way to explore possible slam
  • Notrump opener:  1N: 15-17    2N: 20-21
  • Responder:                      16-17           12ish

Responder: 5H/S or 6H/S long suit


Jacoby “Quantitative” Slam Try:

  • 1N – 2D/H;      Initially standard Jacoby…
  • 2H/S4H/S;  NOW must show 6 H/S long suit
    and 6
    H/S Slam Invitational
  • 1N – 2D/H;     Jacoby so far…

2H/S4N;     NOW must show 5H/S long
Invites 6
H/S/N Slam

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